25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak Featured

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak

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Some of us are absolute neat freaks, cringing at the sight of unsightly bacteria or disorganized magazine stacks. Then there are the people who cover the rest of the spectrum: slightly OCD, remotely clean, absolute slob, and everything in between. This list is for all of them, but especially the inherent neat freaks. Here are 25 thorough cleaning tricks for the neat freak.

1. Binder clip = sponge stand

Keeps it dry, instead of wet and gross.

Use a binder clip as a sponge stand. - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

2. Microwave sponge for two minutes on high

This kills most of the germs and bacteria growing on it. This only works for nonmetallic sponges. 

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak 2 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

3. Clean your washing machine

Yes, even things that clean need to be cleaned. Click here for instructions.

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak 5 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

4. Clean your toaster

Most people never clean this gadget, and maybe it's because they don't know how to. Click here to learn how.

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak 8 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

5. Clean your sink's drain

Just look below. That's what most people's sinks look like. It's time to clean it. Instructions here.

Clean your sink drain. - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

. Make your iron look new again

All you really need is some salt. Instructions here.

Make the steel plate on your iron smooth and shiny again. - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

7. Refresh your mattress

Instructions here.

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak 17 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

8. Use fabric softener wipes to clean your baseboards

25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak 19 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficialy


9. How to remove any carpet and mattress stain


Remove any carpet stain (and anything off a mattress as well). - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial
As We Grow Blog

10. Still can't remove carpet stains? Use an iron!

Full instructions here.

Use an iron to remove REALLY stubborn stains from carpet. - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

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